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IT managed services brings more value than traditional IT services contracts by providing proactive monitoring and an immersion into the customer environment hence breaking down the barrier of the traditional service-provider / customer relationship. The engagement enriches the value provided to clients while it helps them control and predict their operational expenditures.


Endpoints Management



Reduce Opex

Assets are controlled, tracked and workstations are centrally managed in real time.



Detect and solve problems

Real time alerts allow us to catch smaller issues and in case of emergency we will be able to react in an immediate response.



Enhance the end user experience

By communicating directly with end users through chat,  instantly connecting to workstations and solving problems.

Servers Management



Health & Security

Servers are monitored, patched, updated and protected at all times.




Real time alerts allow us to catch smaller issues and in case of emergency we will be able to react in an immediate response.




While we keep an eye on the mission critical servers, clients can focus on their business outcomes.

Firewalls Management



Rest Assured

Continuous monitoring and triage of logs for detection of threats with a checkup every evening on any abnormal behavior.

Network Devices



Stay online all the time

Continuous monitoring and configuration.

Backup Management



Protect the data all the time

Backup management and daily verification.

Hosting Management



Organize your online presence

Monitoring and administering: Www, DNS, Web application Firewall..

Endpoint Management

When an organization grows, so does its asset footprint. The task of managing IT assets becomes much more challenging as the business expands beyond a couple of servers, workstations, and network devices — otherwise known as endpoints. What once only required simple IT management soon becomes overwhelming.

Let’s break down the common components that you can expect:

  • Asset management
  • Patch management
  • Operating system deployments
  • Application deployments
  • Compliance evaluation
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Remote Control

With data captured from each device in real time, we are better geared to respond to problems before they happen.

Endpoint management and control

Servers Management

For most businesses, a problem with the server can stall business operations. That’s why it’s important to maintain health and security of those resources.
Servers health is monitored and controlled at all times preventing any unusual activity to bring down the availability of the server.Most importantly, we look after:

  • Server security.
  • Security updates and patch management.
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware through Endpoint Protection Platforms.
  • Backup processes health.
  • Usage rights
  • Any fault log that requires attention.

Type of Managed Services

The following table outlines the types of managed services that can be offered by EXEO:

Endpoint Server Onsite
Remote Control / Chat with end users
IT Asset Management
Software Deployment
Virtualization Monitoring and Management
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Windows, Mac and Linux Agents
Network Performance Monitoring
Systems Performance Monitoring
Cloud User Account administration (O365/Gsuite)
Endpoint Protection Platform Management
Endpoint Protection & Response Management
Patch Management
Backup Monitoring & Management
Preventive Onsite Check-ups
Hardware replacements
Hardware installations
Check and intervene on endpoint devices offsite
Check and intervene on endpoint devices onsite
Onsite Interventions

Dedicated support from 8AM till 10PM!

The managed services center is in a proactive monitoring mode from Monday to Friday starting from 08 am till 10 pm.

While normal office hour tasks are related to daily operations and responding to IT services and helpdesk requests, we use the extra time after working hours in order to:

  • Wrap-up the tickets of the day;
  • Analyze email security logs and look for potential phishing attacks;
  • Go through the managed firewall logs, do event triage and detect threats;
  • Go through the endpoint security logs, detect abnormal behavior;
  • Verify the sanity of daily backups.

The tasks will require a subscription to the corresponding managed services items.

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