New Google Docs features help power team Collaboration!

by Elie Chahine • August 17, 2017

G Suite, the Search Giant’s set of online productivity tools, is getting a major update today that adds a number of new features to its productivity suite. Most of these updates focus on collaboration, but the service is also getting support for Google Cloud Search and it’s adding new templates and add-ons from partners like […]

Google Calendar gets updated for better handling of large events

by Elie Chahine • August 10, 2017

Google Calendar is a great tool for sorting out your different gatherings, arrangements, and so forth., however, as of recently, it hasn’t been the best to manage vast occasions. Today, Google is refreshing its Calendar settings to be more practical than any time in recent memory when trying to sort out and handle occasions that […]

Find your Car with Google Maps!

by Elie Chahine • May 8, 2017

Google Maps now supports saving car parking information so drivers can more easily find their cars. Originally launched as part of a Google Maps beta (and only on Android) in March 2017, the feature just went live on Android and iOS. To activate the feature on Android, tap the blue dot and choose “Save your […]

Google Earth’s Massive Update: 3D Maps and Interactive Guided Tours

by Elie Chahine • May 8, 2017

In its first major update in two years, Google Earth has added a bunch of new features that should make the virtual globe app a lot more fun to play with. Up first is browser support: you no longer need a dedicated desktop or mobile app to view Google Earth as it now loads in […]

G Suite updates to streamline Hangouts and Gmail

by Elie Chahine • March 27, 2017

Google is planning to remove SMS capabilities from Hangouts. In a new post on its G Suite blog, Google has detailed this change, as well as others. The changes are part of a larger effort to “streamline” Hangouts and Gmail as G Suite offerings. Effective May 22, Google will remove the carrier SMS functionality in […]

Fake Gmail Attachment Phishing Scam is out, Be Careful!

by Elie Chahine • March 20, 2017

Most phishing scams are pretty easy to detect. This one, on the other hand, is devilishly clever and just might dupe you if you’re not careful. This new one doing the rounds in Gmail inboxes is one that appears to include an attachment, which in reality isn’t an attachment at all. Instead, it’s just an […]

Google Keep is now part of G Suite’s Core Services

by Fouad Abou Najem • March 2, 2017

Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google. Launched on March 20, 2013, Google Keep is available as a mobile app for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems and as a web application. Latest Update As of today, Google Keep is a G Suite Core Service when used within a domain, and it has […]

Google Sheets update: support for Rotated Text, Accounting Formatting and More!

by Elie Chahine • February 23, 2017

Google keeps adding more and more features to their web and mobile tools to make its tools close to the full desktop office suites. Google Sheets, the equivalent of Microsoft Excel and similar spreadsheet programs, is getting some new updates on the web, iOS and Android very soon. Find below some of the future changes: […]

A Simple Guide To Better Google Search Techniques

by Elie Chahine • February 20, 2017

In our era of advanced technology and high-speed Internet connections, you can find information on virtually anything. Google, the most popular and powerful search engine, provides you with the best search results. In most cases you’re satisfied but sometimes, you’re not. This is where learning the proper techniques to type in your search query comes in handy and this […]

Google Cloud Search: A Smart search engine for G Suite users

by Elie Chahine • February 13, 2017

Google will begin to release its Cloud Search app for organizations paying for the G Suite Business and Enterprise editions on February 14. The new Google Cloud Search feature will allow its customers who use the G-suite products to search their data in Google Drive, Gmail, Sites, Docs, Calendar, Contacts and much more. Previously it was known […]