G Suite updates to streamline Hangouts and Gmail

by Elie Chahine • March 27, 2017

Google is planning to remove SMS capabilities from Hangouts. In a new post on its G Suite blog, Google has detailed this change, as well as others. The changes are part of a larger effort to “streamline” Hangouts and Gmail as G Suite offerings. Effective May 22, Google will remove the carrier SMS functionality in […]

Apple’s First Computer Sells At Auction for $300,000

by Fouad Abou Najem • March 22, 2017

  Apple 1 (a.k.a. Apple Computer 1) is the first desktop computer made by Apple Inc. (Apple Computer Company back then) in 1976. It was hand designed and built by Steve Wozniak, and the idea of selling the computer came from his friend, Steve Jobs. In order to pay for this creation, Steve Jobs had […]

Fake Gmail Attachment Phishing Scam is out, Be Careful!

by Elie Chahine • March 20, 2017

Most phishing scams are pretty easy to detect. This one, on the other hand, is devilishly clever and just might dupe you if you’re not careful. This new one doing the rounds in Gmail inboxes is one that appears to include an attachment, which in reality isn’t an attachment at all. Instead, it’s just an […]

Next 2017 Announcements: New Hangouts Meet and Chat, new Gmail Add-ons and more!

by Elie Chahine • March 10, 2017

On Thursday, at the 2017 Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, leaders from Google’s cloud business took the stage to explain the infrastructure investments that have been made in the platform, and to announce new features in compute, security, economics, and more. Urs Hölzle, the senior vice president of technical infrastructure and Google, opened […]

Google Keep is now part of G Suite’s Core Services

by Fouad Abou Najem • March 2, 2017

Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google. Launched on March 20, 2013, Google Keep is available as a mobile app for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems and as a web application. Latest Update As of today, Google Keep is a G Suite Core Service when used within a domain, and it has […]