You can now Issue commands when voice typing in Google Docs

by Elie Chahine • February 27, 2016

Google has introduced the Voice typing feature in Google Docs a while ago where it launched the ability to talk to your device and type your document. Now with Google’s latest update, you can use this voice typing feature to issue commands in Google Docs. Because you know that crafting an effective document takes a whole lot more […]

Gmail Becomes Safer, Will Now Warn You About Unsecured Emails

by Elie Chahine • February 10, 2016

Starting today, any messages that Gmail users send or receive from email providers that don’t support TLS encryption will be flagged with a tiny unlocked padlock icon. Clicking the padlock brings up a dialog box warning the user that if their message contains “confidential information” they may want to advise their contact to use a different […]

Find out which are your biggest files in Google Drive!

by Elie Chahine • February 8, 2016

Is your Google Drive quota full? You desperately need to delete big files? Here’s a quick tip! With this simple tip you can see the size of the files in your Google Drive, allowing you to identify which files are taking up the most amount of space. To bring up your list of files in […]

Google Chrome New Material Design Update

by Elie Chahine • February 2, 2016

After applying the material design to its mobile operating system, Google is now bringing a new material design to Chrome. On Friday, The Next Web discovered a Google Code discussion which appears to suggest that the first Material Design alterations to Chrome will begin appearing in Chrome OS with the launch of version 50. By […]