Google Apps Update: Gmail for Android & Google Sheets

by Elie Chahine • September 23, 2015

Block and Unsubscribe in Gmail Google announced some new features today that will be coming to Gmail’s Android App and Web. The main feature is the ability to Block email addresses and avoid receiving new emails from blocked senders. All blocked emails will be sent to Spam. Of course you can undo this option from […]

Back to School With Google Docs New Features!

by Elie Chahine • September 3, 2015

Just in time for School, Google has released some great features to it Drive Suite; Google has been spending the summer break creating new tools to help you Collaborate and Save Time! Google Docs For Android You can now make your research right from the Docs App on your Android device. Without leaving your work, […]

Google Reveals a New Logo: Its Biggest Update In 16 Years!

by Elie Chahine • September 2, 2015

Google introduced today a new Logo, a month after restructuring the comapny under Alphabet. The new logo looks more playful and modern. The colors are now softer and the logo looks a lot like the new parent company Alphabet. As you can see in the video below, Google logo has evolved a lot since 1998, […]