Starting Tomorrow, Google Chrome will kill off Flash-based ads forever!

by Elie Chahine • August 31, 2015

Starting September 1st, Chrome will kill all Flash-Ads by default. Google explained in a post on Google Plus that the decision to kill flash ads is to make Google Chrome even faster. Will Chrome block Flash videos also? These changes will affect only flash ads, flash videos will continue to work. With HTML 5 becoming increasingly […]

Google Hangouts Now Has Its Own Website

by Elie Chahine • August 21, 2015

Google recently launched a new website for Hangouts, in which you can send and receive Instant messages, Voice and Video Calls. This is a new way to access your Hangouts, without the need to login to your Gmail, Google Plus or the Chrome Extension. The new URL to access the Hangouts Website is the following: […]

New Custom Invitations Options in Hangouts

by Elie Chahine • August 3, 2015

Hangouts is being updated with several new invitation options that will make things much clearer. Where to find it in the Hangouts App? If you head to the Hangout settings on an Android device you’ll see the “How others get in touch with you” heading. Below that is “Customize invites,” which is where the new features are. You […]