Have you ever sent an e-mail and realized you made a terrible mistake. Don’t you sometimes wish there was an undo send message button somewhere in your e-mail. Wouldn’t that just save you embarrassment?  Well the people at Google thought of that and they came up with a way to solve your problem. Keep in mind it only works for a few seconds after you send the e-mail.

In order to undo send an e-mail on gmail, you must first activate the option. To do that, follow the steps below:

1. Click the  gear  in the top right.
2. Click on settings.
3. Follow the steps shown in the 4 steps shown below: (click on the image to magnify it)

4. To test this feature. Send a test e-mail. You should see this message.

5.Click Undo. It’s like your mail never existed.

[alert type=”Tip” close=”true or false”]Tip: you can adjust the cancelation period which is the time after you send the mail when you can still cancel the message. To do that you will find an option under general settings. [/alert]