Interesting Fact of the Day

by WP Administrator • December 23, 2013

Come to think of it, The Human brain named itself. Stop! Think! Be Amazed! Tweet

5 ways to speed up as slow PC

by WP Administrator • December 23, 2013

Remove unnecessary files If you have had your PC for a while, chances are you have loads of accumulated software that you don’t really use anymore. Most of these you won’t actually ever use again. Sometimes, some of these programs can even be running in the background without you knowing. This slows down you PC. To get rid of these […]

What is a Phishing Attack?

by WP Administrator • December 16, 2013

A phishing attack is basically an attack that can be used by a hacker to obtain information about you simply by asking for it. This is a rather simplified definition. What actually happens is that the attacker typically throws bait and waits for you to catch it. If you do, you are hacked. You can […]